Friday, September 21, 2007

PhoneGnome "Better Experience Factor": Part 1

I mentioned before, two scenarios for using PhoneGnome:

  1. Free calls to PhoneGnome buddies (like Skype free calling)

  2. Cheap calls to non-members (like SkypeOut)

The difference with PhoneGnome is that these Skype-like capabilities work with any standard phone using regular phone numbers instead of using a PC and nicknames.

The majority of PhoneGnome users probably became interested in the service based on one of these cost-saving related benefits - the "Cheap or free factor". But there is another benefit and it's the third PhoneGnome usage scenario: Better Experience

Generally we only think of VoIP in terms of how we can use it to make calls, for outbound calling. In this case, with the "Better Experience" factor, we're now talking about more than that. In particular, benefits that have nothing to do with making calls at all, cheap, free or otherwise. Nobody thinks of VoIP in this way today because all we've heard about are cheap calls, so we're trained to think about it that way.

But once you have a product like PhoneGnome, you realize the most significant and life changing benefits of VoIP may be elsewhere, and the cost savings become just another perk, icing on the "experience" cake.

This series of posts will expand on this "Experience Factor" and try to put into practical terms.

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