Friday, December 14, 2007

PhoneGnome Call Recording - very slick

I've searched all over the Internet and I have not found anything out there that matches PhoneGnome's phone call recording features.

There are software programs for a PC (using a modem) but this requires a PC to be left on. There are hardware gadgets that you connect to the phone line or the handset of your phone that can record to a tape machine. But none of these come close to the simplicity nor the capability of PhoneGnome. You can literally spend thousands of dollars on conversation recording equipment and still not have what PhoneGnome provides.

PhoneGnome provides both "selective recording" and "automatic" or "full-time" recording.

Selective Recording

Selective recording means you want to record a specific call. To do so, just dial **732 (**REC) before the call. At the end of the call, you can find the recording on your My PhoneGnome site (as shown above).

Automatic Recording

With "Automatic" or "Full-time" recording, PhoneGnome will automatically record conversations. You can record all outbound calls, all inbound calls, or both. When someone calls you, recording will be triggered automatically and the calls will be archived on your My PhoneGnome site by date and number.

To activate automatic recording dial the following codes:

CodeRecording Mode
**7321Activate automatic recording of outgoing (placed) calls
**7322Activate automatic recording of incoming (received) calls
**7323Activate automatic recording of both outgoing and incoming calls
**7320Disable automatic recording


Recordings are stored on your My PhoneGnome website as WAV files. These can easily be downloaded to a PC and saved forever, copied to CDROM etc. The PhoneGnome website only holds recordings for so many days (about a week it appears), so if you want to keep a recording longer than that, you must download it to your PC and store it off-line. There are utilities to convert the WAV file to other formats such as MP3. You can also do this conversion with iTunes (From the Advanced menu, choose Convert.)

Once you have the audio file on your PC, you can do anything you want with the recording using your favorite audio editing and mixing software - even lie detector analysis! :)


The My PhoneGnome site has information about the legality of recording phone calls. There are other sites with information, such as: but I am explicitly NOT providing legal advice. The laws apparently vary by state so check with your legal advisers regarding the implications of recording phone calls.

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